Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Jonathan keeps on rolling & competing in other Fitness competitions‏

Jonathan Erskine-Nartey, 33-year-old from West Hampstead was among 200 athletes taking part in last month’s Miami Pro World Championships 2013 competition in Hertfordshire. “I didn’t get placed, but I’m still extremely both very happy and proud of myself for having this wonderful opportunity with competing other Athletes, gaining more experience with performing on stage and becoming more confident with stage presence in front of very huge crowd audience,” he said “Not only that, it’s all about pushing way beyond your limits, taking on new challenges, learn, adapt, smashing it when you’ve overcome any obstacle, as it gets much easier in the end and wanted even more challenges. As the old saying goes… Once you start, you can’t stop!”  

Jonathan Erskine-Nartey in competition

“The judges’ feedback was very positive – they said both my stage presence and enthusiasm is great. Everybody noticed I'm always smiling, having a beautiful attitude with amazing personality!”

“It was very epic event! Much bigger compared to last year’s competition with 140 athletes, I’m very pleased that I was competing in the largest Fitness Model competition in the UK and Europe!”

Jonathan in Fitness Photoshoot

Jonathan, of Messina Avenue, had his first Fitness photoshoot recently with Rebecca Andrews a few weeks ago. He will be competing in both Fit Factor & Physique Of The Week (POTW) LIVE! 2013 events at BodyPower Expo in Birmingham NEC Arena this month. Also, he will be competing at Miami Pro UK Championships 2013 in Hertfordshire this October. Currently, he is sticking with his clean nutrition, as well tweaking with his training routines and drank only water in order to maintain his amazing Athletic, toned & fit physique especially his favourite part of the body: Abs! “I’m extremely proud with the results but I’ve still got lots of catching up to do!” he said.


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